On 08/07/17, Sleeping With Sirens announced three surprise pop-up shows in Michigan, Kentucky, and California. Three days later was the first show at The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For the 8 o’clock show, fan’s were already lining up outside the doors by 1 PM. According to fan already in line, The tour bus was already parked outside the venue, but Gabe Barham (drums) didn’t show up until around two. After the boys went in to soundcheck, they came out to take pictures with fans and chat for a bit. According to both Nick Martin (rhythm guitar) and Jack Fowler (lead guitar), The pop-up shows had only been set up the past Sunday. They all missed being on tour, and just had to get out of the house.


As an extremely small venue, around 100 fans packed into a small room with a short stage and no barricade. Opening for Sleeping With Sirens was Muskegon-based rock band Southpaw. They played songs from their EP, Away Like Sheep, as well as newer songs.

After their set, Sleeping With Sirens came on stage, opening their set with an SWS Anthem: Kick Me. This was followed by their latest single, Empire To Ashes. This was the first time it had been performed live.After that, the boys went back to some older stuff with Here We Go and Congratulations. Next was Go Go Go and We Like It Loud.


Before the next song, Kellin Quinn (lead vocals) took a moment to talk, “This song is about being alone in your skin. This song is about being on stage with your best friends with a fucking microphone in your hand and still feeling like you don’t belong anywhere. This song is about having feelings that other people may not understand. You try to explain it to them, and they look at you, and then they see you as somebody that they don’t get. The will look at you and say, ‘You know what? I don’t understand these feelings you have. I don’t understand these feelings you have, I don’t understand this insecurity you have. I don’t understand the shell of a human being that you are. This song is about being okay with being down, being okay with being sad and depressed, and overcoming that feeling. And someone like me who should have all the friends in the fucking world, who has a million followers on Instagram, and a million .7 followers on fucking Twitter, but still feels like an alone fucking human being in the world. If you think you relate to this, we all relate to this, and we’re fucking family.  This song’s called Better Off Dead”.

After that, Nick switched to an acoustic guitar, and the boys jumped into Gold and The Strays. Then the boys slowed it down with Left Alone, and jumped into a song from their new album: Legends.


If you look through recent comments on Kellin’s social medias, you will see one line being repeated: “Hey @kellinquinn, I got something to say.. I can play heavy shit all fucking day!” These fans are referencing a line from Grand Rapids that caught on quick with the fans. Kellin and the guys, playing a little heavier than normal with Kellin screaming, ‘Hey Gabe Barham, I got somethin’ to say: I can play heavy shit all fucking day!” and then proceeding to headband. Again, Kellin performed the line, but way, way deeper. Who knew his voice could go so low?

Next played was Don’t Say Anything, Do It Now Remember It Later, If I’m James Dean You’re Audrey Hepburn, and finished up with If You Can’t Hang.


As the concert finished up, fans left the venue into the pouring rain. Later, Kellin stood out in the rain to meet a fan that had brought him art.