Vans Warped Tour is in full motion, and fans are already rocking out every day with their favorite bands! For those of you who have Warped Tour dates yet to come, we have put together a list of the bare essentials you should bring with you. Enjoy your day(s) at Warped, and stay safe!


  1. Drawstring Bag – A drawstring bag is practical for Warped because you will easily be able to feel if somebody else is trying to open your bag. Bringing a bag will be a necessity because you will want something to keep all your merch and everything else you will need for the day safe and secure.
  2. A Closed Water Bottle – You will not be permitted to bring an opened water bottle into the festival. Try bringing a large water bottle to bring in, and a small water bottle to drink in line. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to help prevent heat/dehydration related issues at Warped! Warped Tour Cool Gear hydration stations will be at all warped dates. You will be fill up your water bottles or be able to purchase refillable water bottles at the Warped Tour Cool Gear hydration stations.
  3. Notepad and a Sharpie – Warped Tour is one of the best places to meet your favorite bands, you’ll always want to be prepared for autographs! Sharpies are preferred because they will write on pretty much everything: your journal, a magazine, a list of set times, phone cases, backpacks, etc, etc.
  4. Money – there’s almost always that one CD or band tee that you’ll absolutely have to have, or maybe you’ll take a break and want to buy a snack. Make sure you have enough money that you won’t be borrowing from friends, but don’t bring all your life’s savings! Make sure to limit yourself on your spendings. A $20 t-shirt here and there really adds up!  We also recommend you find a good place to keep it where it’s not in plain sight, such as maybe tucked into an unused sanitary pad or some other clever hiding place you can come up with!
  5. Fully-Charged Cell Phone & Portable Phone Charger – You’ll want to be able to keep in touch with others and be able to check in with bands social media accounts throughout the day. Also necessary if you keep a set time calendar on the Vans Warped Tour app, and of course for taking pictures and videos of your favorite bands! It is also a good idea to bring a portable charger with you so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery, but don’t worry if you don’t have one because plenty of people go without having them. There will be charging stations available, but they might cost you a few dollars.
  6. Sunglasses – You don’t want to get caught standing in the bright sun wishing you had sunglasses!
  7. Snack/Lunch – part of an enjoyable Warped Date is feeling well, and a good way to help that is to eat a snack or two throughout the day. There will be food there for purchase, but that can get pricy, so venues allow everybody to bring one homemade sandwich or homemade snack.
  8. Gum/Mints – One of the best parts of Warped is getting to yell out lyrics to your favorite songs and meeting new people, but come on people nobody wants to smell your stinky breath so do everyone, including yourself, a favor and bring something to help with your breath.
  9. Shoes – make sure to wear good comfortable closed toe shoes. Specifically ones with good support and can handle walking, jumping, and moshing all day!
  10. Sunscreen – You don’t want to end up painfully sunburnt! Warped is a all day event so be sure to reapply many times throughout the day.
  11. 3 Containers Of Canned Food – do you want early entrance? Who are we kidding, of course you do. Warped helps support the organization Feed Our Children NOW! Their tent will be located outside the main entrance of every location. Give them the 3 cans, $5, or an old phone to get an express entrance wristband and be let into the venue early.