Sleeping With Sirens is a post-hardcore band based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Formed in 2009, this band consists of frontman Kellin Quinn, rhythm guitarist Nick Martin, lead guitarist Jack Fowler, drummer Gabe Barham, and bassist Justin Hills as well as touring member Alex Mark Howard.

They are signed to Epitaph Records and have currently released an acoustic EP and four full length albums. Their 5th studio album has not yet been released, but the band just won’t stop dropping hints.

Here’s a full list of potential album names, song names, lyrics, and featured artists. Let us know if you’ve heard something that isn’t yet on this list!


Potential Album Names:



We Could Be Legends



Potential Songs:




One Man Army


Send It

Ready To Live

Where Were You -written with David Bendeth and Benji Madden



Potential Lyrics:


“Shine a little light from the hole in my heart”

“Reach out and touch the sky if you want it”

“Look into my eyes, tell me, what do you see? Don’t believe the lies you heard about me”

“When the night time’s calling and the rain starts falling, will you still remember my name?”

“I’ll rise like a one man army”

I wanna live fast, I wanna die free. My blood is pumpin’, why can’t you hear my heartbeat?”

“Don’t lose your faith in me, it’s never what it seems” (maybe connected to the next line below)

“It’s never what it seems, when you forget who you are, forget how to dream, I think it’s time that we believe”

“This house once white, now stained in blood”

“I yelled at the devil and ye said I already know your name”

“Broken mirrors on the wall, reflecting everything I see, smash the pieces when they fall, I won’t let it bury me”

“I’m at war with my demons”

“We could be legends”

“You miss all the chances you don’t take, don’t be afraid to make mistakes”


Potential Featured Artists:



David Bendeth

Benji Madden


According to Gabe Barham, the album will be released before 2018, but 2018 will “just be the year we take over”. Let the #Gossip begin!


-a special thanks to Alice Ordaz and Asia Lackland from helping us with this list! Much love to them.