School’s out, it’s nice outside, and we have minimal responsibilities. Ah, yes. Summer vacation. You know what that means; It’s concert season. From now until late September, alternative and punk enthusiasts will be raging about the events of Vans Warped Tour, Riot Fest, Reading And Leeds, and other insane festivals and concerts. With these huge events coming up, we just wanted to put out a quick reminder that it is extremely important to respect the bands and crew performing at these shows.


Band members are humans just like you and I. They are simply talented people whose efforts have been recognised. Just because they’re in a band doesn’t mean that they want attention or that they know how to handle crowds. They can still feel scared, shy, anxious, and claustrophobic. Don’t crowd around band members if you see them walking around. Don’t tear their clothing or steal their pens. They deserve to be respected just like any other individual.


It’s not just band, staff, and crew that we have to be sure to respect. Anyone working security or merch tables also deserve your respect. Anyone else in the crowds with you deserves your respect. You can mosh, you can go all-out in the crowds, but you have to look out for everyone around you. If you see someone get hurt, you help them get out. If you see someone get knocked down in a mosh pit, you help them get up. If you see a crowd surfer start to fall, you do your best to catch them. If someone does fall, you should make sure they’re okay, and if they want, boost them up to keep on surfing the crowds.


In short, treat other people with respect and kindness. Stay safe this summer!


Much love,

the Volume Up! family