Simple Plan’s bassist, David Desrosiers, will not be performing with the band for the European tour due to his poor mental health. Desrosiers has been battling depression in secret for a long time. However, on May 25th, 2017, he decided that it was time for the fans to know why he was constantly missing out on shows and tours. “At the moment, I am fighting a major depression that prevents me from enjoying life and doing the things I love, such as playing music,” said Desrosiers on a recent Instagram post, “Many of our songs, and our work with the Simple Plan Foundation, speak of the hope that must be kept in difficult times. I truly believe in this message and I assure you that I will be back soon! -David”.

A statement was also given from his bandmates, Pierre, Chuck, Jeff, and Sebastian reminding us that “Depression is a serious illness that can affect anyone, and David’s struggles have hit close to home and inspired us to help charitable organizations focusing on mental health through the Simple Plan Foundation. We hope that discussing this openly can help some of you who might be dealing with similar issues”. With David’s blessings, the upcoming European dates will go on as planned.

Volume Up! sincerely hopes that David begins to feel better soon. We wish him, his band, his family, and his friends well being on this European tour. As said by his band, “We can’t wait to welcome him back”.