Music is all about being a community and supporting each other. In the punk-pop/punk-rock scenes right now, bands such as Green Day, Neck Deep, With Confidence, State Champs, Blink 182, and The Story So Far are popular. However, there was a point in time when nobody had even heard of these bands. Every band starts small. Your favorite band was once a local band, which is why we wanted to introduce to you four smaller alternative/punk bands that we are sure will be the next big thing.

In Search Of Symmetry:

In Search Of Symmetry is based out of Melbourne, Australia. This punk band is your typical 5-piece, with Vaughan singing vocals, Adam playing bass, Barak on guitar, Josh also on guitar as well as backing vocals, and Ryan on the drums. However, their music is far from typical, taking influence from musicians such as Blink-182, A Day To Remember, Linkin Park, As I Lay Dying, Angels & Airwaves, Limp Bizkit, and many more. “I’ve wanted to play music since I was a kid,” said lead singer Vaughan, “especially when I learnt ‘What’s My Age Again’ by Blink-182”. Vaughan’s childhood dream of being a musician is slowly coming true as the band currently has two Eps available, Polaroids (2015) and Unbreakable (2016). They are not yet signed to a label. In Search Of Symmetry is definitely a band to add to your playlists.



Halfwait is an unsigned alternative-metal/grunge-rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band was started by Jon Barca (guitar/vocals) and Chris Tallon (drums) back in 2009 when they were 20 years old. Jon and Chris had been playing music together since they were about 15 years old, playing original songs and covers of Silverchair in Chris’ parents’ garage. Along the way, they also picked up bassist Nath Stalenberg. One year later, Halfwait’s first demo, One Life, One Chance, was self-released in 2010, which was followed up by their first EP (also called One Life, One Chance) which contained a few new songs that had higher quality recording. However, their steady musical growth was abruptly brought to a halt at the end of 2012. “We went on a hiatus due to  friend passing away,” said Tallon, “which ultimately led us to reforming in 2014 with a drive to write new songs, one of them which was dedicated to our friend who had passed”. Their second EP, Forever, was released in February of 2017. This EP was mainly driven by the song ‘King Of The West’. Halfwait is greatly inspired by the punk-rock genre, although they are into a wide variety of musicians and bands, including Silverchair, Blink-182, Nirvana, Metallica, Green Day, and The Offspring. Barca also takes inspiration from a lot of rap and hip-hop. Tallon digs a lot of metalcore/hard-rock bands. The group has settled for aiming Halfwait in the grunge-rock direction. With so many different musical influences to excite their fans, Halfwait is a band that will leave you wanting more.


Somewhat Ace

Somewhat Ace is a pop punk band from Temecula, California. The band was initially formed by two brothers: frontman & guitarist Ethan Kregel and drummer Jeremy Kregel. Somewhat Ace was originally started in 2012. They released a short album, Spaces In Between, back in 2015, but it is no longer shared or promoted. “It just came along as we got older,” said Jeremy Kregel, “We have had a family drumset and guitars ever since we were little and I guess it just kind of stuck with Ethan and I”. in 2016, bassist Zach Dismukes joined the brothers, and Somewhat Ace finally found their sound. Currently they are unsigned and working with entertainment company Face In The Crowd. They will be releasing their debut album, You In June, in June. These three boys are greatly inspired by old-school pop-punk. Bands that influence their music include All Time Low, Green Day, 5 Seconds Of Summer, and more. With June just around the corner, this will surely be a band for your summer playlists.


Secret Shores

Secret shores is an alternative-punk band from Pennsylvania & North Carolina, USA. This punk quartet currently consists of Johnathan Morgan (vocals), Cody Honeycutt (guitar), Jason Johnson (bass), and Bobby Hoechner (drums). Honeycutt has had a passion for music ever since he got his first guitar just before the seventh grade. He was inspired mainly by post-hardcore and electronicore bands such as Asking Alexandria and I See Stars. Secret Shores was just recently formed this past March. They released their first single, ‘Daydreamer’, on March 24th. Currently they are unsigned. With such a promising debut single, we are sure that Secret Shores has a future in the music scene.