11/28/14 to 5/14/16. This was a legendary era in punk rock Youtubers and aspiring musicians. My Digital Escape was a YouTube collaboration brought together by Bryan Odell in 2014. Bryan contacted many other famous YouTubers in hopes of what we thought was just a collaboration. Eventually, he reeled in six well-known YouTubers: HeyThereImShannon, Jordan Sweeto, Johnnie Guilbert, Jeydon Wale, Alex Dorame, and Kyle David Hall. Together, these 7 people made their  place in the hearts of fans from all over the world. One year ago today, the collaboration split up, and went their separate ways. In honor of today, we wanted to talk about the musical careers that a few of the members pursued.


Shannon Taylor

Shannon Taylor is an internet sensation from Illinois. She rose to fame on YouTube by posting vlogs and hair tutorials dating back to 2010. She was featured on one her now-ex boyfriend’s, Tyler Hagen’s, songs called ‘Heart To Heart’. This was when Shannon took interest in music. In early 2017 she released her debut EP, Two Faced, which included hits ‘Pushing Daisies’ and ‘Two Faced’. Three other songs were also on the EP, ‘Emergency Alert’, ‘Skin And Bones’, and ‘All At Once’. The latter featured Tyler Hagen.


Jordan Sweeto

Jordan Sweeto is an Australian-based pop-rock musician. He first started making YouTube videos in 2009. Jordan released his first album, Evil Little Genius, in mid-December of 2015. This 4-track album was self-released, containing songs ‘Evil Little Genius’, ‘In The Dark’, ‘How About No’, and ‘Away With Me’. One year later, Jordan released his second album, ‘When You Said Forever’, in November of 2016 under his personal label, Jordan Sweeto. This album featured 12 full songs, including Sweeto hits ‘Fright Tonight’, ‘Drown Out’, and ‘Evil Little Genius’.


Johnnie Guilbert

Johnnie Guilbert is a solo acoustic musician. Johnnie released his first indie album,  Not So Perfect, in November of 2015. This rough, 5-track album contained future hits such as ‘You Girl’, ‘Song Without A Name’, and ‘Not So Perfect’. Less than a year later, he released his second indie album, Lost. This 6-track album did not reuse any songs from the last album, and Johnnie is now signed to Talent Shoppe Records.


Bryan Odell

Bryan is an aspiring musician. He released his first album in April of 2017. He released his second album in December of the same year. (We aren’t too interested in talking about him, seeing how he used and mistreated the other members of My Digital Escape.)


Jeydon Wale

Jeydon Wale probably isn’t pursuing music anymore, but he does have some very interesting rap and acoustic videos from 2009-2016… I guess you could say he’s got bars… ice cream bars.


Even though the collab ended, many of the ex-members are still friends today! A new collab, Our World Away, features YouTubers Alex Dorame, Kyle David Hall, Jordan Sweeto, Jeydon Wale, and Johnnie Guilbert! Sadly Shannon Taylor will not be a part of this collab as she is trying to focus on hyer career in music. Bryan will be excluded for obvious reasons. Although these five people were once in My Digital Escape together, this collab is in no relation to My Digital Escape. Please do not refer to Our World Away as MDE 3.0, that’s really not cool. Anyways, we’re all hype for this new collab! They already have quite a few videos out. Watch their teaser video below!