Twenty One Pilots have been putting on raging concerts non-stop ever since the release of their fourth album, and second studio-released album, Blurryface. Blurryface is Tyler’s fears and anxieties. With black hands and red eyes, Blurryface is an image the clique knows well. He torments Tyler and causes him pain, but Tyler is battling against him with the help of his best ‘fren’, Josh. Initially after the album release, there was a Blurryface tour promoting the new album. The tour ended, and we moved on to the Emotional Roadshow. It is theorized that the ERS is not an entirely new tour, but an extension of the Blurryface Tour. Why, you ask? Fans from all over the world have reported an underlying voice in the concert audio. It’s Blurry. Reportedly, he tells Tyler and Josh not to go on stage and the such.



Recently Blurryface’s twitter account tweeted that the color blue was a weapon against him. Tyler has work only red, black, and white until now. After that tweet, Tyler wore a blue jumpsuit to a show. After that, the Blurryface twitter account was (according to fans) deleted.


We want to know: given this evidence, do you think the Blurryface Era is over? Are Tyler and Josh preparing a new album? Or, is Blurryface still controlling Tyler’s life and emotions?