Halfwait is an unsigned grunge-rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band was started by Jon Barca (guitar/vocals) and Chris Tallon (drums) back in 2009 when the were 20 years old. Along the way, they also picked up bassist Nath Stalenberg. Their first demo, One Life, One Chance, was self-released back in 2010, followed soon after by their first EP, also called One Life, One Chance (2012). Sadly, at the end of 2012, the band was brought to a stop due to a friend passing away. This eventually led to the band reforming two years later with a drive to write new songs. Their second EP, Forever, came out in February of 2017.

This commercial explosion of alternative/grunge-rock starts off with the wallowing melody of ‘Fly Away’. This and ‘King Of The West’ really accentuate Halfwait’s influence from alternative metal bands. Growing up, they listened to musicians such as Slipknot, The Offspring, Korn, Nirvana, Silverchair, and Green Day, and it really shows through in this EP. ‘Late Nights’ jumps right into a strong rhythm, then cuts into clean vocals which take their time merging back into the heavier rhythm. These clean vocals are carried into the EP’s next song, ‘Without You’. Tallon and Stalenberg provide constant support for Barca’s vocals, overall shaping into a key song from the EP. Forever closes off with ‘Changes’. The slow stride and repetitive guitar & bass make for a relaxing melody. Topped off with smooth, soft vocals that still manage to feel full and powerful.

Through this EP, Halfwait stacked clean vocals with exciting percussion, guitar, and bass, and in the process put together five songs that are equally compelling. Captivating riffs and chord progression make it almost impossible to sit still while listening.

Overall, Forever displays an artful selection of the band’s talents and strengths. From the slow song ‘Changes’ to the upbeat song ‘Late Nights’, this EP is certainly one for your playlist.