Some people are musically talented, some people are artistically talented, and some people are talented in other ways. The Volume Up! Family isn’t just about the musicians, it’s about the fans, too! Fan art is something that both fans, and musicians can appreciate. Here are 10 extremely talented fan artists.

Asia (@asia.ptv):

Asia never fails to wow us with her uncanny sense of proportion and creative designs. She shows a clear understanding of depth and light. We love seeing her work!

Holly Chapman (@holztoons):

Holly has a very developed style and is an experienced artist as you can see through her expertly blended colors and clean lines. We’re amazed to see how she grows as an artist.

Alice (@swsaliceart):

Alice takes us to a whole new level of digital art with her jarring portraits and high understanding of color theory. It’s incredible to see her interacting with her idols is an environment where they are equals, creating for each other.

Montey Cooper (@hac.knslash)

Montey seems to be willing to take risks as you can see through with her “grimed” portraits and the gold ink. She shows tremendous artistic and conceptual growth from piece to piece.

Giselle (@itsgisellepr)

Giselle might just be the cutest chibi illustrator we could think of! She’s very good with digital art. Much love to the unofficial SWS chibi illustrator!

Liana (@fr_adams)

Liana is clearly very talented and we just can’t get enough of her deeply conceptual art!

Ana(?) (@younger.dreams)

Ana(?) takes art to a whole new level. We love that she incorporates object such as candles and plants into the photos. It’s art within art.

Danielle (@hawwttopic)

We have been fans of Danielle’s work for a long time. It was amazing to watch her style grow and develop into the full style it is today.

Abel Van Oirschot (@abelvanoi)

Abel’s proportions and shading have our jaws dropping as he successfully portrays these musicians. We’re loving the Panic! design on top of Brendon.

Billie (@xobillie)

Billie is very talented when it comes to realistic portraits and proportions. We’re really feeling the work she did for Never Take It  Off.
These artists are 10 of the best-known, most inspirational fan artists out there. They do what they love, and they do a good job of it. Never stop creating.

*disclaimer: please let us know if we made a mistake with your name/preferred pronouns, or if you would like us to remove your name and art from this feature. We will change it!