Has he? We’re not sure, but here a few facts that really makes you wonder if Ryan Seaman did in fact leave the band…


Since before Falling In Reverse’s latest album, Coming Home, was released, band members Derek Jones, Christian Thompson, Ronnie Radke, and Zakk Sandler have been posting ominous videos, photos, and captions such as outer space, astronauts, static, and pitch blackness. Ryan Seaman has not participated in any of this. There are no Falling In Reverse links associated with his instagram account, and he still has not posted anything about the album. In addition to neglecting to promote Falling In Reverse’s album, Ryan Seaman will be touring as the drummer for Icon For Hire’s You Can’t Kill Us tour starting of May third in Kansas City.


Icon For Hire will be touring with special guests Assuming We Survive and October Sky. This brings up a lot of questions for us…


Did Ryan really leave the band?

Why is he touring with Icon For Hire?

Doesn’t Icon For Hire have their own drummer, Adam Kronshagen?
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