My rating: 10/10

Produced by Motion Army in 2013, ‘This Is A Wasteland’ is a documentary following post-hardcore rock band Pierce The Veil’s first world tour. It shows us the behind-the-scenes of their performances with bands All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens. The documentary captures the excitement as well as stressful insight of international tour life.

Unlike many documentaries, ‘This Is A Wasteland’ doesn’t exactly have a specific storyline. Fearless Records instead had a camera crew follow Vic & Mike Fuentes, Jaime Preciado, and Tony Perry on tour. They recorded literally everything. The final production displays all the recent excitement and chaos they experienced, from venues being shut down in Australia to winning trophies at the Kerrang! Awards.

Pierce The Veil continued their tour with Sleeping With Sirens after the awards. They had just won the award for the best music video, ‘King For A Day’. This song features Sleeping With Sirens’ vocalist, tenor leggiero Kellin Quinn. Every night, the crowd went insane as Vic and Kellin screamed out that song together. It’s a favourite of everyone, and this song united their fans forever.

The entire fanbase remembers the dreadful moment when Jaime fell off his platform, and ended up with a broken ankle. What we never knew, however, was how it affected his warm ups, and how he dealt with not being able to jump around while performing on stage. This documentary allows us to see these exciting behind-the-scenes moment. We even get to witness the dramatic moment when Jaime passed his crutches on to Vic. Being injured on tour is a setback, but Pierce The Veil still managed to keep to their title of being the best band to see live. No matter what country they visited, almost every show was sold out and every concert was insane.

These boys have made their way into the hearts of millions across the world, and this movie made us fall for them just a little bit more. Their relatable and catchy lyrics were enough to make us like the music, but their personalities are what made us stay with the band. ‘This Is A Wasteland’ gave everyone more of an inside look of them and who they really are. In result of this movie, Pierce The Veil has not only strengthened their fan base, but ignited a fire that’s still burning strong today.